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Shockabuku: How Sometimes I Need a Swift Spiritual Kick to the Head

Ever since the holidays, I have not been able to gain any traction in my work.  Like one of those dreams when I’m trying to running but I can’t seem to build up any speed at all.  At least I can say that it’s not for no reason.  The past five months have been intense, and until about two weeks ago, I had not been feeling so great. Then I received a Shockabuku.

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Slow and Simple Poetry from an Anxious Artist

Today I long to keep things simple.  Simple mind and simple actions.  Slow and simple, I say.  The idea of getting into a long blog post about how I’m feeling seems a sad prospect.  So, here I am, attempting a simple poem.  I don’t write poems that often, but today, poetry seems to fit.  So here you go. 


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How Slowing Down Helps Me Accomplish More

I had been working on a painting that wasn’t coming along well.  I was attempting to create the first in the series of “breathe paintings” that I told you about last week.  What was coming out was the prickliest looking “breath” I have ever seen.  It was pointy, sharp, not at all the feeling of inhale and exhale that I had hoped to create.  I realized that my state of mind at the time was abrupt, self-critical, and racing like it was running around on fire.

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