Bubbles 12"x12"


12"x12" Acrylic, Paper, Graphite & Transfer on Birch Board (Framed in a Birch Floater)

When I started to experiment with layering, it reminded me of looking down into the ocean and being able to see to the bottom, and also seeing a rock, a fish, bubbles floating up, a piece of sea weed, a little jellyfish.  I also see things that aren't there.  Under water mirages startle me.  It is also possible to dive into a painting.  The deeper I dive, the more there is to see.  Contrasting colors and movement.  Some soothing and others vibrant.  Focusing on one shape for a second can then alter the painting as a whole.  It is amorphous...temporarily structured.

The shipping rate on this painting is a flat $20.