"A Lovely Mess" Limited Edition Reproduction


Without dark, there is no light.

I have created a limited edition of 25 digital reproductions of my original painting titled, A Lovely Mess

This painting, the first of a series I'm working on with the same title, is a representation of love, beauty and all the not-so-pretty complications that accompany it.  Using torn paper hearts, dark and stormy colors along with bright bursts and calming patterns, I show that every situation that has beauty and light, also has darkness and complications, and vice versa.  They are two sides of the same coin.

Even the strongest relationships have cracks.  That doesn't make them weak.  In fact, those scars make us stronger.  When I'm floating in the ocean, surrounded by her beauty, I am also aware of the environmental issues that we are faced with.  Although I have had to endure emotional challenges that have been painful, I am stronger and more comfortable within my own skin because of them.  

These are all examples of the darker side of beauty.  The unknown, the pain and challenges don't make anything less beautiful.  It deepens the relationship.  It allows us to look inward with acceptance and can even motivate us to grow and evolve.  

A Lovely Mess is a representation of this dichotomy.  

    Other items to note:

    • The March Online Pop Up Shop WILL CLOSE ON March 31st and ALL ORDERS will be shipped the first week of April. 
    • Shipping is included in price and will be sent Priority Mail.
    • Each reproduction is numbered, signed and dated on the back
    • Each reproduction is a 6" square image with a 1.5" boarder equalling a 9" square total. They are printed on off-white card stock and packaged in materials that are either plant based and biodegradable or made from recycled material.
    • If you live in the Rogue Valley (or close by), and would rather pick up your painting from me, let me know and I'll wave the shipping cost.

    A percentage of the profits from these 2019 pop up sales will go to Surfrider Foundation for ocean clean up and coastal health awareness.