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My inescapable inscapes are of the ocean, always.  Having spent my childhood around the swamps of Louisiana, and now living as a surf obsessed adult, I am of the water.  My passion for the ocean, rivers, marshlands and downpours shows up in my work often...even if I don't intend it to.  Water is my favorite example of repeated yet random patterns as they appear in nature.  Being in nature is medicinal for me.  By engaging with nature, preferable on my surf board, as often as possible, I am reminded that while my physical presence in this world is small, I am an important part within it who has a connection to it all.  This reminder allows me to live in harmony with the world around me instead of in competition with it.  

Marigny Goodyear Art Shrimp Abstract Mixed Media Painting
Shrimp 36"x36"
Marigny Goodyear Art Pelicans Abstract Mixed Media Painting
Pelicans 36"x36"