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Marigny Goodyear Heart Art Reclaimed Hearts


I created the Reclaimed Hearts original art series in response to my letter,  I Was a Promiscuous Teen: An Open Letter to All the Men from My Past, which has been clicked on in every country in the world, a total of over 210,000 times. I continue to hear from women all over the world who tell me I am telling their story and thank me for putting words to feelings that they have not been able to.


Each painting in Reclaimed Hearts are made of up torn paper hearts, reassembled back onto the canvas.  Even though my heart has been broken, and lived in a broken state for many years, I still have the ability to put it back together and claim it for my own.  It may have scars, but it is strong and beautiful.


The addition of whales, seagulls and pelicans represent the stages of my healing.  Whales for the internal deep dive I had to do in order to face my past, my accountability and responsibility.  Pelicans for the feeling of bliss that came with realizing that my heart could, indeed be mended as I grew and found freedom. Seagulls for the drifting that occurs after a period of growth and renewal, as we become comfortable in our skin, and await the next period of growth and uncomfortableness to arrive.


Thank you for your emails, DMs and comments.  You have all made me realize that I'm not alone and, sadly, that my story is not unique.  Reclaimed Hearts, was originally a collection of fifty-five paintings each of which has paper hearts, ripped up and then reassembled onto the canvas to signify the power I've taken back and the self love that I have reclaimed.


These paintings are dedicated to you.  It's never too late to take your power back, grow, and love yourself.  Freedom is ours. Reach out and take it.