mixed media abstract paintingSwell Patterns 36"x36" Mixed Media on Canvas

Patterned yet abstract acrylic paintings by a West Coast artist.

Some people buy art, simply to fill blank spaces on their walls. 

They like pretty things and will find art to hang just so the wall is no longer empty.  They don’t plan on having conversations about the art.  They don’t even know who the artist is. 

You are not that type of collector.

There are also plenty of websites that make it easy to purchase affordable reproductions by artists whose bios you can read on the website.  But do you really want art that you may see when you walk into someone else’s house? 

No way.  You are looking for original art that can only be seen in your collection.

You are here because:

  • You are a collector who appreciates the aesthetically pleasing, but are as equally interested in the message that the artist is attempting to deliver.
  • You are not interested in non-dimensional art. You know, the stuff that you can purchase on the cheap at Bed, Bath and Beyond. 
  • Before you add to your collection, you want to know the underlying story, the mission of the artist and where their journey started. The journey of creation is as important to you as the art itself.

My name is Marigny Goodyear and simply put, I make mixed media abstract paintings.  However, get to know me and my story, and you’ll learn that my art is a tool I use to battle anxiety and depression, to communicate things that cannot always be spoken and to inspire others to follow their passion….oh…and to make beautiful things. 

I practice a form of meditation called abstract expressionism.

My work is a reflection of my current state of mind and also the practice that helps me to remain present.  It is a working meditation.  I have been many things in my adult life. Yoga teacher, stock broker, advertising executive, restaurant manager, executive assistant, website owner, to name just a few.  None of these jobs filled the empty space inside.  

Only when I brought an active art practice back into my life did it become clear what I want to be when I grow up – the kind of person that follows their passion, even if that path seems impractical.  The underlying message in all that I create is that by living in the now and following your bliss, you will find happiness and an infinite amount of growth.  

I am here to help you with your selection from what is available in the gallery.

New art is added at the beginning of each month.  Check back for new available pieces or become a developmentarian, and be in the KNow!

Email me at Marigny@MarignyGoodyearArt.com if you'd like to discuss commissions or anything else on your mind.  You can expect professional service and endless creativity.  Let your eyes and your mind play!


surfing sunset oceanSurf photo of me taken by Christian Dalbec