Join My Inner Art Community On Patreon

Hello Brave, Curious and Peace Seeking Art Lovers!  I am so excited to let you know that I am now on Patreon

“What the heck is that?”, you might ask…  Well, simply put, Patreon is community driven platform that makes it easy for creators, like me, to get paid.  

More specifically, Patreon is:

  • A way for you, my fans, to become part of my inner art community.
  • A place for me to communicate my process, challenges and growth as it pertains to my painting, blog writing and life in general AND…
  • A platform for you to give me feedback, share ideas, spark conversation on art, living with anxiety and other challenges, and in this exchange, I find a greater understanding of my work and myself.

There are great rewards for becoming part of my Patreon community.  From having access to my Patreon News Feed where I’ll post weekly updates on my current painting progress and blog writing exploration, to receiving downloadable anti-anxiety posters each month! 

Yes!  You can receive a downloadable poster every month intended to remind you to stay calm and trust yourself.  CLICK HERE  to check out my Patreon page.  

Why I decided to join Patreon:

I am a person who strives for peace and balance in my life.  This doesn’t always come easily for me.  I struggle with anxiety on a daily basis and if it goes unchecked for too long, it can lead to depression.

It is because of this that I have chosen the path of an artist.  Creating art is the only place where I’ve ever been truly comfortable and is a definitive path to a meditative state of mind.  I paint and write to find peace. 

Through both painting and writing, I have made incredible connections with people all over the world.  I’ve had beautiful and intimate conversations with all sorts of folks who relate to my struggle and the life that I am trying to live.  People have reached out to me with their own stories of overcoming fear, struggles with anxiety and depression, frustration over unmet expectations just to mention a few.  Here is what a few people have said in response to my work:

  • “You finally put into words the 'why' for failed relationships I've been struggling with for years. I've literally said 'I [know] better than [you do]. My way of living [is] better than [yours].'. Reading it here was quite the shock.... I have a lot of work to do.” 
  • “You reminded me that I can do something about [anxiety and frustration] and most of all, to accept that I feel like that and there's nothing wrong with it. Also, you inspired me to draw today. And that is what I'm going to do next. Thank you!”
  • “My little pelican hangs on the wall directly across from my bed where I read, write in my journal, knit and meditate. Throughout the day, whether I’m on the bed or walking by, she reminds me that it is possible to be free…free of the suffering I create for myself. My struggles with anxiety cause me to be very tight in my body and on high alert in my mind. My pelican helps me to open to the wonder that freedom is mine. I only have to open my heart and fly free. The paradox in this piece of art is that the simplicity creates such depth. I study her, rise up to this moment, and find release. I will be forever grateful for this special gift.”

I had no idea that my art would spark this kind of outpouring.  It has been a tremendously powerful and humble experience for me to be contacted by men and women who, like me, feel solace in the fact that they aren’t alone. Wow. 

This is why I’m on Patreon.  To connect in a deeper way with you, my people, my Patrons of the Peaceful Arts, so that we can learn and grow from one another and I can then take those experiences and create beautiful paintings and essays. 

So, go ahead and CLICK HERE to become part of my Patreon community.  By having each other’s backs, we can move forward in amazing ways.  

Patreon FAQs:

Q.  I don’t get it.  What exactly is this Patreon thing?

A.  Patreon is a way to be part of my inner art community and pay me for creating the paintings and blog posts you love. Instead of literallythrowing money at your screen (trust me, that doesn’t work), you can now pay a few bucks per month and get an insiders’ view to my work.  This means I get paid regularly, and you become a bonafide, real-life Patron of the Arts.   And I get to make a living doing what I do best… because of you.

Q.  Aside from the cost, how is Patreon different from me following you on social media?

A.  Patreon is not a social media platform. Social media algorithms decide what posts you see, so if you’re wondering why you never see my posts, the algorithms have decided that you don’t find me interesting…annoying, huh?  By joining me on Patreon, you ARE my community.  You become a Patron of the Peaceful Arts and as thanks, I allow you to see more than I show on social media and I’ll share it in real time (as opposed to Social Media where there is usually about a week delay).  Plus there are other very cool rewards.

Q.  How much does it cost to become a Patron and tell me about those rewards?

A.  I have three different levels of membership:

  • $5 or more a month unlocks the door to my Patreon only community news feed and 48 hour early entry to my online Pop Up Shops.
  • $20 or more a month gives you all $5 level  rewards and a monthly video discussing where I'm at this month mentally, physically and/or creatively. There will be studio sneak peaks and frustrated rants.  No topic is off limits...I apologize in advance.  Also throughout the year there will be discount codes for my pop up sales, contests and other special offer
  • $50 or more a month...Wow!  Really?  I kind of think you're cray cray, but in the best possible way and I can't thank you enough! In addition to my love and gratitude, and all of the rewards from the other levels, you will also receive a downloadable anti-anxiety poster every month!!   

Q.  Will you ever do any online meetings or Q&As with us, your Patrons?

A.  I don’t see why not! Here’s the beauty of this platform:  if you would like to interact with me in a way that I’m not providing, suggest it!  I love suggestions.  From painting subjects to writing topics to Q&A sessions…all of these things get me “out of my box” and I love that!  Suggest away! 

Q.  Once I join, can I cancel my membership?

A.  Of course. I promise I will not hold you hostage.  You can cancel at any time.


Thank you for becoming a Patron of Marigny Goodyear Art: Art for Your Brave, Curious and Peace Seeking Mind.