Testimonials from Marigny Goodyear Art Collectors

Marigny Goodyear Art Visual Meditation Painting PelicansPelicans 3 (Visual Meditation Painting), 6"x6", Acrylic & Paper on Panel

"Marigny's Pelicans 3 will be the first painting to hang in my new home, for I cannot think of a better way in which to set the tone for all else to come.  Along with the beauty of the birds, its energy is fresh and calm while vibrantly alive.  At first look I did a double-take upon realizing the beaks are golden, adding an element of fun.  Among what I admire most about Marigny's perceptive, colorful, often daring compositions is her ability to consistently put forth a feeling of motion.  They happen and they breathe." -Channing Penna


Marigny Goodyear Art South Beach Mixed Media Abstract Painting
South Beach, 48x48, Acrylic, Paper & Graphite on Canvas

 "I like Marigny's art for its bold use of color (and bold use of dark), the different scales she works with, although the large ones are often my favorites.  Upon closer look, I can see the textures she worked with, take sneak peaks at the "history" of the painting through gaps in the upper coats of color.  Sometimes I take the whole of the painting in first, but more often I like to step back after a closer view.  Then I see a whole, possibly a representation comes to mind, sometimes a story suggests itself. Sometimes the whole "history" will pop out at me, almost like an optical illusion.  After living with a particular painting for a while, I notice that my eyes will search it out when I walk into a room. I may not be looking at details or searching for something new each time, but I become more intimate with the painting, it is part of my life, and at times it gives me joy, at other times, solace, sometimes I find darkness. I find Marigny's paintings a meditative path as well.  There is a reaction always.  Her paintings do not become simply decorative; they are too rich in detail and thought and movement.  They make themselves heard." - Chris Wiltz


Marigny Goodyear Art Big Top Mixed Media Abstract Painting
Big Top, 12x12, Acrylic, Paper & Graphite on Birch Board

"Thanks to Marigny, I have a completely new appreciation for art. I did not know what I wanted and frankly I am too busy to think about it.  I just knew I had a blank wall that needed something so I asked Marigny to paint something for me. She asked me a few brief questions and shortly thereafter, she presented me with her masterpiece. Marigny took the time to explain the meaning of every line, every curve, every detail. I quickly learned that there was purpose and meaning behind every single brush stroke – every detail was custom tailored for me. Every day I look at her art on my wall and I smile because I am reminded of the “story” it tells me. I now have a connection to art that I never had before. Marigny’s art is so alive and vivid and she has the amazing ability to capture emotion through her work. Thank you Marigny for bringing your art into my life!"  -Pauleen Miller


Marigny Goodyear Art Divide & Conjure Mixed Media Abstract PaintingDivide & Conjure, 12x12, Acrylic, Paper & Graphite on Birch Board

"My painting, “Divide and Conjure” and Marigny’s paintings in general, symbolize the pure expression of art. When I look at them, I am instantly reminded to view the world through my own ‘artistic eyes’. I am asked to contemplate what each line, color, and curve represents, and to see the whole in relationship to its individual parts. I am invited to use my imagination and to feel the elements of contrast and fluidity and consider how that might relate to aspects of my life. Her paintings hold a lot of meaning and seem to capture prisms of light and beauty in both a simple and sophisticated way."  -Jennifer Yance