Erotic Small Town 12"x12"


12"x12" Acrylic, Paper & Color Pencil on Birch Board (Framed in a Birch Floater)

I freely played with colored pencil on top of acrylic to make dynamic shapes straight from my head.  I sent the finished image to my Mentor.  She said it was very erotic with "various and sundry sexy turn-ons".  I immediately got embarrassed and felt exposed.  Sex is not a topic I generally choose to publicly discuss.  I didn't want for others to see it and think the same thing.  I realized how uncomfortable I am sharing what I consider a very private thing.  Plus I was ashamed that I didn't even see it after it it was done.  I shelved the painting.  Then I thought "Why?"  Why the embarrassment?  Why do I feel shame?  Is it because it is proof that my subconscious has more sexuality than I am aware?  Is it because I didn't see it at all until a third party pointed it out?  This was the first time I realized that more is shown in my paintings than I realize. 

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