Firefighters are HOT Sticker


Firefighters are HOT!!!!  Yeah they are!

My house is one of 13, in a neighborhood of 53, that survived the Alameda fire on September 8th.  It stands due to the hard work of firefighters (including my neighbors who stayed and fought).  These men and women risk their lives to protect our homes and community.  For that, I thank them. 

Look closely at this sticker and you'll see a special shout out to the Talent fire department (#5), and the Illinois Valley Fire Department (IVFD), who fought to save my home.

For every sticker purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Rogue Valley Relief Fund.

Do you live in Talent, Ashland, Medford, or Central Point?  If so, use the discount code TALENTSTRONG to avoid shipping charges and get free delivery.

Stickers are made of heavy duty vinyl and should stay put for many years.