Hope Unearthed 8"x10"


Hope Unearthed, 8"x10", Acrylic & Paper on Canvas (Gold Floater Frame Included)

My series titled, A Lovely Mess, was created to examine the growth that occurs while diving deep into emotional turmoil.  This series explores the freedom that can be found in embracing and questioning the darkness, rather than hiding from it.  It focuses on the form of a heart, often tattered and torn, yet simultaneously creating beautiful patterns and atmospheres.  None of us are free from heartache, but through adversity, we can learn, evolve and shine even brighter.

These paintings are a representation of the love, beauty and growth that can occur from going through and understanding trauma and dark times of our lives.  Every situation that has darkness and complications, also has beauty and light, and vice versa.  They are two sides of the same coin.

This is a conversation between hope and pain that occurs when we are working our way through the dark, towards healing. The light is always there. It has always been there. Sometimes, we just may need the dark in order to see it.